Distinguished Faculty Reach Across Disciplines

Distinguished Faculty Reach Across Disciplines

The work of our DBEI Distinguished Faculty members demonstrates how the synergies among our three core disciplines serve important population-health issues. We look forward to sharing work by our latest designee,  Jing Huang, PhD, who was announced at our 2022 Research Day. Expore the work of our previous classes below.

Class of 2020-21

Graciela Gonzalez Hernandez, MS, PhD, explores machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) methods that can make patient-generated data into  valuable "real world evidence." View her Research Day talk.

Vincent Lo Re III, MD, MSCE, was called to care for Covid-19 patients in March 2020, which inspired him to pursue a new study: Were these patients at higher risk of thrombotic complications, compared to other respiratory viral infections? View his Research Day talk.

Class of 2019 - 20

Blanca Himes, PhD, of our Informatics Division, is exploring how we can enhance electronic health record data to address health disparities. View her Research Day talk.

Pamela Shaw, PhD, of our Biostatistics Division, has advanced efficient study designs for the analysis of error-prone electronic health records [EHR] data. View her Research Day talk.

Class of 2018 - 19

Below we highlight  research projects by our 2018-19 class. Penn community members may log in via Penn Key to view their Dec. 1, 2020 talks.

Expanding the Reach of the EHR Through Data Integration
Yong Chen, PhD, of our Biostatistics Division, is exploring new ways to leverage the electronic health record, with new methods for data integation. Read more.

Bridging the Gap Between Complex Sensor Data and Knowledge
Wearable sensor data carry implications for a wide range of outcomes in patients—including, notably, for their mental-health status. Haochang Shou, PhD, is finding new ways to overcome the statistical challenges they pose. Read more.

Inaugural Class

Below we highlight  research projects by our inaugural class (2017-18).  View video about their work.

Partnering to Address Psoriatic Arthritis
Alexis Ogdie-Beatty, MD, MSCE, of our Epidemiology Division and Alisa Stephens Shields, PhD, of our Biostatistics Division are exploring how we can revolutionize the design of clinical trials in psoriatic arthritis, proposing solutions that fit the disease’s diverse population. Read more.

Looking to a Collaborative Approach to Advance MS Solutions
Two recent biostatistics methods studies by Russell (“Taki”) Shinohara, PhD, offer potentially game-changing approaches for multiple sclerosis diagnosis and care. He looks forward to advancing the techniques in collaboration with clinical epidemiologists. Read more.

Working Across Disciplines to Understand Sex Differences in Concussion
By applying machine-learning approaches, can we detect sex differences that have not emerged through traditional epidemiologic analyses of concussion? Read more about a new informatics collaboration that epidemiologist Douglas Wiebe, PhD, and team are pursuing.

Read about our ceremony that honored the inaugural Distinguished Faculty members.


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